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Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park Sunrise Family Session

When Taylor first contacted me about doing their family session while on vacation exploring Glacier National Park in Montana, I was sold! When I mentioned doing a sunrise session (sunrise and sunset sessions are the best. The light is like no other time of day), they were all in! We woke up early (I got up even earlier than necessary because I’m always worried about being late, so usually am way early). The morning was so peaceful on Lake McDonald which can be a hub for tourists. I think I saw about 5 people the entire morning. I walked the shore line and soaked in the gorgeous morning.

When Taylor and Robby showed up, I knew we were going to have a fun session and little Everett did so well. Give a toddler rocks to throw in the lake and they will be happy forever. Robby and Taylor told me how they embark on a family trip every year and visit a different National Park. I think having fun and adventuring as a family together is so important (I mean have you ever seen sad people out camping and hiking?) Robby has a Youtube channel where he documents some of their adventures together. You can find that here.

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