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There is something so magical about being swept off of your feet. That's what I love about weddings. Somebody told me before I got married, that you don't remember your wedding day; but I remember mine and it was amazing, perfect, beautiful, stunning...I hope that your day is just as special and I love having the job of helping you remember yours for the rest of your life! Head on over to my "rates" section for pricing information and to my "about" page for more information about me.








Matt and Amanda Wedding ~ Six Mile Estates ~ Bigfork, MT

This couple right here! I totally get their adventure vibe. An intimate wedding set in the Swan Mountains (I have lived in the Kalispell area my whole life and have not spent near enough time exploring the Swan mountains) and a day that was perfect with the smoke clearing just in time. This wedding was a blast. . . and a place where you could eat as much whipped cream as you want judgment free. To top it off, who doesn't love an evening post-wedding plunge in the lake! Thanks, Matt and Amanda for picking me to photograph your wedding.

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