Kyle & Jessica Wedding ~ Diamond B ~ Kalispell, Montana

When I first met Jessica over coffee to discuss her wedding, I do she was head over heals for Kyle. We got this wonderful opportunity to know each other over an incredible fall engagement session. After that, I just knew that there wedding was going to be FUN and they have this amazing chemistry between each other - like they laugh we each other the whole time.

This June day was the perfect combination of clouds and sun cover. The drama in the sky was unmatched and set on the Flathead River, the location was stunning.


Chad & Courtney Wedding ~ Columbia Falls, MT

I might be a little biased because I picked an October wedding for myself, but I honestly believe that October is the best month out of the year and the most wonderful time to get married. A slight dusting of snow on the mountains, that feeling of fresh air. Call me crazy, but I would take cool temperatures over the heat any day. 

Chad & Courtney had such a joyful wedding (I've never seen so many gifts exchanged between the bride and groom before) and I'm so glad that I got to have this special place in their day.


Matt and Amanda Wedding ~ Six Mile Estates ~ Bigfork, MT

This couple right here! I totally get their adventure vibe. An intimate wedding set in the Swan Mountains (I have lived in the Kalispell area my whole life and have not spent near enough time exploring the Swan mountains) and a day that was perfect with the smoke clearing just in time. This wedding was a blast. . . and a place where you could eat as much whipped cream as you want judgment free. To top it off, who doesn't love an evening post-wedding plunge in the lake! Thanks, Matt and Amanda for picking me to photograph your wedding.

Luke & Janell Martiny Wedding ~ First Baptist Church, Bigfork, MT

Luke and Janell were married on a beautiful summer day at a picturesque white church just outside of Bigfork, MT. There was such a strong connection to family and beautiful meanings and memories behind the bride's dress. The dress was made by her Mom (which is incredible!). The top four buttons of the dress each represent a different influential family member - 1st button the bride's Grandma, 2nd button the bride's Nana, 3rd button the bride's mom, and the 4th button the groom's mom. And Janells handkerchief? Janell embroidered the "Mr" and Mrs" onto it and her Mom put lace from her wedding dress around the handkerchief.

I have a special weakness for images right as the sun is going down. You will see from these images why. 

David & Andrea Boyd Wedding ~ Grace Baptist Church ~ Columbia Falls, MT

There is so much beauty in the Flathead Valley, but I have to admit that the area close to the swan mountains in Columbia Falls is one of my personal favorites in the valley. Such a fine summer day for David and Andrea to tie the knot. When I first met Andrea, I could not help but notice her infectious smile. I hope you two have worlds of fun together. Congratulations!

Parker & Lindzee Robinson Wedding

A Bohemian inspired wedding - the bride had amazing braided hair. At the Springhill Pavilion in Bozeman, MT - this was the location where parts of "A River Runs Through It" and "The Horse Whisperer" movies were filmed. Surrounded by open fields and breathtaking mountains, the day couldn't have been more perfect. Wishing you two - Parker and Lindzee - the most happiness!