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Josef & Laura - Ice-skating Adventure - Holland Lake, Montana

The winters around here can be long. This year in particular we have gotten more snow pack then usual and have had some pretty insane low temperatures. Looking for places to ice-skate is not actually as easy as one might think, but when the snow piles up; a shovel definitely comes in handy. Josef and Laura are such a fun couple, have untouchable fashion, and are bringing back timeless love. And. . . this sunset. Josef was building the fire, when I turned around and could not resist photographing it. I have to tell you, as gorgeous as these sunset photos are, they don’t actually do it justice.


By the way, Holland Lake is one fine lake that is often overlooked. If you do decide to ice-skate on it, watch out for the springs. I don’t want to be responsible for giving people ideas that get them into trouble.


I truly believe it is so important as a couple to adventure together and keep having fun. Do you agree?

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Nathan and Renee ~ Surprise Engagement

When Nathan contacted me about getting his engagement to his lovely fiancé Renee document, we started on the planning. Trying to find a location easy enough to find (cell reception in Glacier National Park is not in excess) and still not have crazy amounts of people, planning a time, trying to get her there at that time without her getting suspicious, planning the delivery (Nathan pretends to be a tourist and hands his phone to my assistant to take a photo). And 💥 💍 

This couple is so adventurous and this place so heavenly. The East side of Glacier National Park is the best kept secret. . . Now, I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag.

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