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Couples & Engagements

Aron & Gunndis - Iceland

My sister in laws and a friend and I took a trip to Iceland, because, why not? I’m telling you the whole country of Iceland is paradise. It’s mossy, it boasts of endless dramatic skies (a photographer’s paradise), waterfalls cascade around every corner, it’s untouched, it’s wild, and it’s free.

When I decided to go to Iceland, I could not pass up this opportunity to shoot a couple’s session there. I did a lot of cyber stalking to find this couple and they were perfect! Aron showed up in his traditional sweater his Grandma sewed for him, Gunndis had this classic dress on. They were so kind to us and gave us lots of amazing travel tips. . . not to mention, the best tip of all; don’t get caught by the sneaker waves. I felt like grabbing one tourist off this iceberg, because I was pretty certain the waves were coming for him, but he was fine.

I’m still overwhelmed by Iceland. I’m telling you, you have to go see this beautiful island of God’s creation.

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Nathan and Renee ~ Surprise Engagement

When Nathan contacted me about getting his engagement to his lovely fiancé Renee document, we started on the planning. Trying to find a location easy enough to find (cell reception in Glacier National Park is not in excess) and still not have crazy amounts of people, planning a time, trying to get her there at that time without her getting suspicious, planning the delivery (Nathan pretends to be a tourist and hands his phone to my assistant to take a photo). And 💥 💍 

This couple is so adventurous and this place so heavenly. The East side of Glacier National Park is the best kept secret. . . Now, I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag.

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Kyle & Jessica Engagement ~ Somers, MT

You can't help but have a smile on your face around these two - there is so much joy! I feel like autumn's in Montana are simply magical. . . especially at sunset. I think you will probably agree.

I can't wait for the riverside, red barn wedding Kyle and Jessica are having this summer!

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Abram and Ashley ~ Anniversary Shoot

When this couple contacted me to take their pictures in Glacier National Park at Lake McDonald, I couldn't be happier. I live in a gorgeous state. I think it is so cool that Abram and Ashley decided to go on an adventure together for their anniversary - road tripping around the country and hitting up national parks. When your spouse is your adventure partner, it's a happy life.

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Jonny & Leigh - Surprise Engagement

This was very well plotted and planned by the groom - a surprise engagement in Glacier National Park. At one point, we ended up having GPS coordinates to make sure we would be in the same place! A perfect day and a perfect place (we had it all to ourselves), this turned out magical!

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