Nathan and Renee ~ Engaged

When Nathan contacted me about getting his engagement to his lovely fiancé Renee document, we started on the planning. Trying to find a location easy enough to find (cell reception in Glacier National Park is not in excess) and still not have crazy amounts of people, planning a time, trying to get her there at that time without her getting suspicious, planning the delivery (Nathan pretends to be a tourist and hands his phone to my assistant to take a photo). And 💥 💍 

This couple is so adventurous and this place so heavenly. The East side of Glacier National Park is the best kept secret. . . Now, I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag.

The Steele Family ~ Maternity Shots

I was so excited when this family contacted me again and entrusted me to take their families photos. . . and I was thrilled when Kathleen told me she was expecting again. Doesn't she look gorgeous pregnant? These summer nights are some of the best!

The Steele Family

You just know when you find a sweet family like this that the pictures will turn out amazing! Nate and Kathleen, you make my job look easy. So much love and I could tell that you have a lot of fun with your two boys. On a sadder note, I'm a little disappointed these colors did not last longer this year.

Bailey Garnache ~ Senior ~ Class of 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year. . . Christmas, no? I'll take fall any day of the year and every day of the year - crackling leaves, cool breeze, a dusting of snow on the mountains, lots of warm coffee. . .

This session was shot in Glacier National Park. When we arrived, I was very surprised to still see the fires burning, but yet snow on the mountains. Such a beautiful contradiction.

Clients like Bailey make my job look easy. I mean, really, she's fashionable, pretty, and has a natural smile that looks amazing.


Stevie Quinn ~ Newborn Photos

The first few weeks after bringing a newborn home kind of feel like you are in a time vortex. In so many ways, time crawls - sleepless nights, constant feedings; but in other ways, it feels like you wake up and your little one is crawling, walking, talking. These moments are so fleeting and I'm glad I got the opportunity to capture these for Josh and Ashley.

Stevie Quinn was born 9/14/17 weighing 7lbs 4.4oz 19 inches long. She has piercing eyes and a full head of hair!


Henry ~ 3 months

They say that time flies when you are having fun. . . I must confess that my little fellow is now 6 months old and I'm just now posting his 3-month old pictures. There is a certain sadness to watching your kiddos grow up, but a certain wonder also as they learn new things. They learn to panic every time you leave the room, they learn to peak their head up at the sound of their name, they learn their sibling's moves, they watch your every move. 

Josh and Ashley ~ Maternity Session


A family is such a wonderful thing to invest in. I loved getting to document this precious family as they await the arrival of their new gal. Little Porter is such a charmer with his wispy curls and I'm sure he is going to make a great big brother. Ashley has the expecting glow completely down. I shot these at a few different locations in Glacier National Park as the sun was setting.