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Mark & Carolyn - Vow Renewal

Mark and Carolyn and kiddos took an extended road trip around the country to visit and take in some of our national parks. They picked Glacier National Park as a location to do their family photos and vow renewal. I’d say they made a good choice! We got up super early (because we all know the sun comes up early in the summer) and started our journey to this large rock. So majestic and so amazing to be able to capture this vow renewal for eons to come! Thanks for the fun time and amazing ice cream topping stuff straight from South Carolina. Mark and Carolyn own Story Bright films. In the evening, I got the opportunity to have them shoot my promo video for my business. I cannot wait to see it!

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Andrew & Vanella ~ Glacier National Park Montana Hiking Adventure

When Andrew and Vanella contacted me about doing a hiking adventure, I was immediately “all in.” I always tell people to experience the park fully I feel like you need to go and wander around in it for a bit. Fully engulf yourself in it’s mountains. I loved getting to know this couple a little more and I love it when people get to experience these mountains that I have known and loved for so long.

Let’s talk about this epic storm. When we started this hike, it was nice T-shirt weather. This storm rolled in and looked harmless. By the time we made it back to the parking lot, it was 42 degrees and we were soaking wet. In July. In Montana. I always tell people the weather here can change so quickly! I love the colorful Arcteryx jackets that they chose also for this trek.

I hope you guys can make it back to the beautiful Glacier National Park sometime soon. Thanks so much for adventuring with me!

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Nathan and Renee ~ Surprise Engagement

When Nathan contacted me about getting his engagement to his lovely fiancé Renee document, we started on the planning. Trying to find a location easy enough to find (cell reception in Glacier National Park is not in excess) and still not have crazy amounts of people, planning a time, trying to get her there at that time without her getting suspicious, planning the delivery (Nathan pretends to be a tourist and hands his phone to my assistant to take a photo). And 💥 💍 

This couple is so adventurous and this place so heavenly. The East side of Glacier National Park is the best kept secret. . . Now, I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag.

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