Aron & Gunndis - Iceland

My sister in laws and a friend and I took a trip to Iceland, because, why not? I’m telling you the whole country of Iceland is paradise. It’s mossy, it boasts of endless dramatic skies (a photographer’s paradise), waterfalls cascade around every corner, it’s untouched, it’s wild, and it’s free.

When I decided to go to Iceland, I could not pass up this opportunity to shoot a couple’s session there. I did a lot of cyber stalking to find this couple and they were perfect! Aron showed up in his traditional sweater his Grandma sewed for him, Gunndis had this classic dress on. They were so kind to us and gave us lots of amazing travel tips. . . not to mention, the best tip of all; don’t get caught by the sneaker waves. I felt like grabbing one tourist off this iceberg, because I was pretty certain the waves were coming for him, but he was fine.

I’m still overwhelmed by Iceland. I’m telling you, you have to go see this beautiful island of God’s creation. In the meantime, check out this romantic Icelandic session.

Joanna Adams12 Comments